Multigroom series 7000 12-in-1, Face, Hair and Body

12 tools, DualCut technology, Up to 120 min run time, Showerproof MG7735/15


My Philips Groomer is not working

If your Philips Groomer is not turning on or performing well, read here for possible causes and our advice on how to solve this issue.

Your groomer is connected to a power outlet

Using an electric device with water can be very dangerous. Therefore, for your own safety, Philips waterproof groomers only work when they are uncorded.

Try unplugging your groomer from the main power supply and then switch it on again.

Using Philips Groomer cordless

The battery of your groomer has run out

It is possible that the battery of your Philips Groomer has run out. We advise you to fully charge your groomer and then try turning it on again.

Note: Charging and running time can vary based on the model of your groomer. Please check your user manual for more information.

Groomer is dirty

Your groomer requires regular cleaning to function properly. Hair or debris can get stuck in the device and affect its performance. Please clean your groomer according to the instructions in the user manual.

While cleaning, make sure you remove the cutter, as some hair can be collected underneath it.

If you have tried the advice above but your groomer is still not working, contact us for further help.

The information on this page applies to the following models: MG7735/15 , MG7745/15 , MG7785/20 , BG7020/15 , BG7025/15 , BG1024/80 , BG5020/15 , BG3010/15 , MG3730/15 , MG7720/15 , MG5730/15 , MG7770/15 , MG3740/15 , MG7730/15 . more less

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