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    HD9630/21 Premium Airfryer XXL
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    Premium Airfryer XXL


    White smoke comes out of my Philips Airfryer

    If white smoke comes out of your Philips Airfryer, please find out below how to simply solve this yourself.

    Food with a high fat content has been used

    If you're using food with a high fat content, please stop cooking and use a handful of kitchen paper to soak up the oil on the bottom of the pan of your Philips Airfryer or pour off any excess oil. After that, you can continue cooking.

    If you cook food with a high fat content very often, you can use one of the accessories below depending on the model you have:
    • A snack cover
    • A splatter-proof lid
    • A variety basket

    Note: White smoke does not harm your Philips Airfryer or the cooking process.

    The fat reducer is not in the pan while cooking with fatty ingredients

    If your Airfryer came with a fat reducer accessory, you should always use it while cooking with fatty ingredients. This fat reducer accessory will prevent the formation of white smoke.

    If you forgot to put the fat reducer in your Philips Airfryer before you started cooking, place the fat reducer in the pan and then continue cooking.

    The pan still contains greasy residues from previous use

    Greasy residues from previous use can cause white smoke to come out of your Airfryer. In this case, please stop cooking and carefully remove any residues from the pan of your Airfryer. To prevent this from happening again, please clean the pan, basket and heating element of your Philips Airfryer thoroughly after every use.

    Breading or coating did not adhere properly to the food

    Thin pieces of breading can cause white smoke to come out of your Airfryer. In this case, firmly press breading or coating to food to ensure it sticks to the food.

    Light ingredients are sucked into the heating element

    The heating element is located in the upper area of the inside of your Airfryer. Due to the strong airflow, light ingredients (e.g. a slice of toast, or vegetable or fruit chips) may get to the heating element. Please remove the food from the heating element after the appliance has cooled down.

    Note: To prevent smoke when cooking light ingredients, you can use one of the accessories below depending on your Airfryer model:
    • A snack cover
    • A splatter-proof lid
    • A variety basket
    Did these solutions not solve the issue? Please contact us for further assistance.
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