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512MB* SA1200/02


My Philips Jukebox does not play some DRM files

This could be due to the Digital Rights Management in the purchased file. * Make sure the software of the store where the file is purchased is running. The first time you run the file a connection to the Internet might be needed. * The rights in the file are often managed by Microsoft Windows Media Player. Try to play these files with the Media Player before transferring to the portable player. * Try using the application from your music service to transfer those tracks * If the track cannot be transferred please try to download another copy from the provider Note: When you have a file that was downloaded from another player onto your computer it could be that these files will not play.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA1200/02 , SA1335/02 , SA1105/97 , SA1115/97 , SA1110/02 , SA1100/02 , PSS120/00 , PSS110/00 , HDD070/10 , PSA220/10 , HDD060/10 , HDD060/00 . more less

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