docking entertainment system

22.9 cm (9") color display, DVD playback DCP951/79


I can not playback some DivX files on my Philips player

  • Try to play the DivX files that caused the problem on a computer. If they do not work, the source file appears to be corrupt. * Try to download the file again from a different source, or, if you have created the file yourself, create the file again and make sure the settings are correct * If the resolution of the file is not supported by your player, the DivX file will not play Note: The player does not support GMC and Q-pel. It only supports DivX 4.x and DivX 5.x files recorded in “Home theater” mode.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DCP951/79 , PET718/79 , PET714/98 , PET830/75 , PET830/98 , PET714/75 , DCP750/75 , DCP750/12 , PET725/75 , PET825/75 . more less

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