5.1 DVD Home theater

DVD, USB 2.0 HTD3510/79


It takes long to display USB content on my Philips device

In the following cases your player may take longer to read the files on the USB device: * The USB storage device contains a large number of files (>500 files/folders) or files larger than 1 GB * The USB device contains unsupported files that your player is trying to read * The USB device is formatted in an unsupported file system (such as NTFS for certain model; please refer to your user manual on the specification)

The information on this page applies to the following models: HTD3510/79 , HTD3540/98 , HTD3510/98 , HTD3570/98 , HTD3500K/98 , HTS5561/98 , HTS5591/98 . more less