How to disable the acoustic feedback feature from my Philips player?

Depending on models, press and hold any of the following buttons for longer than 3 seconds. * DDB * EQ * BASS The display would show ?Beep OFF? or ?No Beep? when the acoustic feedback feature is disabled. Note: The acoustic feedback feature (?BEEP?) serves to acknowledge user that a button is being pressed, either intentionally or accidentally.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AX2400/02 , EXP3463/75 , EXP2460/00 , EXP3460/00 , AX2400/00 , PSA410/10 , EXP2300/02 , EXP3373/10 , EXP3373/01 , EXP3361/10 , AX3301/10 , EXP7361/10 , AX3306/10 , AX5304/10 , AX3300/10 , EXP220/01 , AX5305/10 , AZT3202/10 , ACT500/11 , AX7201/10 , AX7201/01 , ACT400/11 . more less

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