Portable MP3-CD Player



No Disc, no CD, Pls insert CD, or Insert CD messages

  • Make sure that the disc is placed in the center of the disc tray, with the printed side facing up. Close the disc tray and press PLAY * Make sure that home-burnt CD-R or CR-RW discs are finalized * Make sure that your disc is not a two-sided, CD/DVD-disc (called DualDisc or Flip Disc). Your player cannot play all DualDiscs or Flip Discs

The information on this page applies to the following models: EXP2460/00 , EXP3463/75 , EXP3460/00 , PSA410/10 , EXP2300/02 , EXP3373/10 , EXP3373/01 , EXP3361/10 , EXP7361/10 , EXP220/01 , ACT500/11 , ACT400/11 . more less

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