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512MB* PSS120/00


Runtime error message when using Musicmatch Jukebox

Receiving a Runtime Error could indicate corruption in the Musicmatch Jukebox configuration. Please do the following: 1. Double-click “My Computer” 2. Double-click “Control Panel” 3. Double-click “Add/Remove Programs” 4. Select “Musicmatch Jukebox” 5. Click the “Add/Remove” button 6. Select “Yes” if you are asked to verify that you want to remove any shared files 7. Open Windows Explorer 8. Navigate to the Musicmatch Jukebox directory (typically “C:\Program Files\MusicMatch\MusicMatch Jukebox”) 9. Select the files (but not the folders) in the Musicmatch Jukebox directory 10. Press “Delete” on your keyboard 11. Select “Yes” if you are asked to verify that you want to remove the selected files 12. Reinstall Musicmatch Jukebox 13. Reboot your PC

The information on this page applies to the following models: PSS120/00 , PSS110/00 , HDD070/10 , HDD060/10 , HDD060/00 , KEY006/00 , KEY005/00 . more less

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