DVD player

HDMI 1080p, USB 2.0, DivX Ultra DVP2881/98


Cannot find local subtitle language during playback

Local subtitle languages are built-in with the purchased DVD disc, not on the device. Local language subtitle can only be enabled if the purchased DVD disc contains such subtitle language option. If it is a DivX video, please check if the local subtitle language is supported by the device. Sometimes you may need to first select the local subtitle language on the device. For further information , please refer to the technical support http://support.divx.com.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP2881/98 , DVP3650K/79 , DVP2880/79 , DVP2850/79 , DVP2800/98 , DVP2880/98 , DVP2850/98 , DVP3650K/98 , DVP3670K/98 , DCD3020/79 , BDP2930/79 , DVP3650/79 , BDP3380/79 , PD7030/79 , BDP2900/98 , BDP7700/98 , BDP3380K/98 , BDP2600/98 , DVP3880K/79 , BDP3200/79 , DVP3800/79 , PD9030/79 , BDP3200/98 , DVP3870K/98 , DVP3800/98 , DVP3850K/98 , BDP2700/79 , PD9000/79 , PET742/98 , DVP3111/79 , DVP3111/98 , MCD122/98 , PET744/98 , DVP3000K/69 , DVP3000K/75 . more less

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