5.1 Home theater

DVD, USB 2.0, Karaoke HTD5540/98

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Audio Sync menu pops-up when I change HDMI resolution?

This is normal. The audio sync setting will automatically adjust on some Philips TVs to give the best setting for Audio and Video Sync.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HTD5540/98 , HTD5570/98 , HTS3580/98 , HTS3560/98 , HTS3530/98 , HTS5590/12 , HTS5560/12 , HTS3220/98 , HTS5550/98 , HTS5120/98 , HTS5110/98 , HTS3520/98 , HTS5540/98 . more less



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