Portable MP3-CD Player

MP3-CD playback EXP2546/12


Intermittent sound from my Philips headphones

Disconnect, and then reconnect the headphone to the device, making sure that the headphone connector is fully inserted. If problem persists, verify whether it is the problem with the headphone or the device: Try with another headphone.

The information on this page applies to the following models: EXP2546/12 , EXP2542/00 , EXP2540/02 , AX2400/02 , EXP3463/75 , EXP2460/00 , EXP3460/00 , AX2400/00 , EXP2300/02 , EXP3373/10 , EXP3373/01 , EXP3361/10 , AX3301/10 , EXP7361/10 , AX3306/10 , AX5304/10 , AX3300/10 , EXP220/01 , AX5305/10 , ACT500/11 , AX7201/10 , AX7201/01 , ACT400/11 . more less

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