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    Garment Steamer

    FlexHead, StyleBoard, 2000W, 5 steam settings GC557/30


    My Philips Garment Steamer leaves stains on the garment

    If your Philips Garment Steamer leaves stains, or you notice impurities coming out from it, there might be a simple solution. Just read along.

    The steamer needs to be descaled

    If your steamer is not descaled regularly, it is normal for scale to build up in your garment steamer, and this can cause it to release some impurities or produce stains.

    To solve this, you should descale your steamer.

    The descaling process depends on your product and series. Please find here all descaling information for your Philips Steam Iron or Steamer

    Perfumed water in the steamer

    Perfumed water can produce stains in your garments.

    We recommend that you only use tap, demineralised or filtered water when filling up your garment steamer's water tank.

    If you would like to refresh your garment range, we recommend that you check the Philips Essence Steamer Range.

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