PerfectCare Compact Plus Steam generator iron

Max 6.5 bar pump pressure, Up to 430g steam boost, 1.5L detachable water tank, Carry lock GC7920/20


My Philips steam iron makes a noise

Various types of noises (such as pumping, rattling, ticking) are produced during ironing with your Philips steam iron. Learn more here.

Water is being pumped

When water is being pumped, your Philips steam iron might be noisy.

This is perfectly normal and to be expected with steam irons and steam generator irons that use a pump to generate more steam.

If your iron is a steam generator iron, you can reduce the noise by placing a cloth (or similar soft material) under the base.

A whooshing sound can be heard when steam comes out of the soleplate

High-pressure steam is causing this noise. This is normal for steam generator with high pressure steam.

You can reduce the steam by selecting the ECO setting (if available).

The steam iron makes a loud pumping noise

The water tank is empty.

When the water tank is empty, the pump gets dry and this can cause noise coming from your steam iron.

Please check the water level in your iron.

If the water tank is empty, fill it with water. Then press and hold the steam trigger until steam comes out of the soleplate.

If your iron is equipped with a water level magnet: Please check if it got stuck in the water container. If it did, you can release it by carefully shaking the water tank or by tapping the side of the container with your fingers.

The iron makes a ticking or rattling noise

Your iron needs to be descaled or the descaling mode is activated.

Find all descaling information for your Philips iron here.

The iron makes a noise, has stopped steaming or not heat up

If your iron has stopped steaming, is not heating up any more or makes a loud noise, there may be a problem with its pump or water system.

In this case, we recommend that you contact us.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC7920/20 , GC2145/29 , GC2678/39 , GC2676/29 , GC8962/40 , GC2997/40 , GC5031/20 , GC9681/80 , GC9671/50 , GC6804/20 , GC2999/84 , GC3929/64 , GC9324/20 , GC2996/20 , GC3920/24 , GC4517/20 , GC4519/30 , GC8712/00 , GC4527/01 , GC7710/20 , GC4522/01 , GC4514/30 , GC2988/20 , GC2981/20 , GC4913/30 , GC9642/60 , GC6602/20 , GC7635/30 , GC6602/21 , GC7031/20 , GC7035/20 , GC8651/10 , GC2960/42 , GC3803/30 , GC4522/00 , GC4521/00 , GC4512/20 , GC3821/70 , GC3820/20 , GC3811/80 , GC3811/70 , GC8642/20 , GC1021/40 , GC2042/40 , GC4912/30 , GC2046/20 , GC2048/30 , GC2040/70 , GC9550/02 , GC2920/70 , GC3569/02 , GC8635/02 , GC4410/22 , GC4855/22 , GC4856/22 , GC4856/02 , GC4865/22 , GC3550/02 , GC7520/02 , GC9540/02 , GC3593/02 , GC2710/02 , GC2730/02 , GC2720/02 , GC9240/02 , GC2910/02 , GC2960/22 , GC6530/02 , GC8350/02 , GC6540/02 , GC3560/02 , GC3540/02 , GC3540/07 , GC7420/02 , GC8560/02 , GC9140/02 , GC1930/22 , GC2810/02 , GC2860/02 , GC8460/02 , GC3135/02 , GC7330/02 , GC6430/02 , GC4620/02 , GC4630/02 , HI518/02 , HI570/02 , GC7240/02 , GC3321/02 , GC3360/02 , GC2560/62 , GC1110/02 , GC3260/02 , GC4420/02 , GC4330/02 , GC4310/02 , GC1720/02 , GC4430/02 , GC2530/02 , GC2520/02 , GC1830/62 , GC8280/02 , GC3109/02 , GC8030/02 , GC8080/08 , GC8080/02 , GC8030/08 , GC1115/02 , GC1010/01 , GC1015/01 . more less

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