Series 2000 Air Purifier

25-79m² room size, Numerical air quality feedback AC2887/70


I cannot activate the functions of my Philips Air Purifier

If the selected function on your Philips Air Purifier does not work, find out below what you can do to solve the issue.

The air purifier is in standby mode

If your Philips Air Purifier is connected to the mains but the power button has not been pressed, the appliance will be in standby mode. When this happens, your selected function or time will not work.

To solve this, simply press the power button to switch your purifier on again.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AC2887/70 , DE5205/70 , AC1215/70 , AC3256/70 , AC2882/70 , AC6608/70 , AC4012/70 , AC4025/70 , AC4372/70 . more less

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