2 slot metal, 3 function, Brushed metal, Extra wide slot, bun warmer HD2636/20


Smoke comes out of my Philips toaster

If you notice smoke coming out of your Philips toaster, there might be a simple solution. Find out how to solve it yourself here.

The setting chosen is too high

When you choose a setting that is too high for the type of bread inserted in your Philips toaster, smoke can be produced.

If this happens, please push the stop button and select a lower setting.

Bread with loose bits of food (e.g. raisins)

Loose bits of food (such as raisins or wholemeal bread) can produce smoke.

When using these types of bread, remove loose bits before putting bread slices into the slot. This can avoid potential flame/smoke resulting from loose food bits dropping/sticking in the toaster chamber

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD2636/20 , HD2648/20 , HD2618/00 , HD2686/90 , HD2628/20 . more less

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