AquaTouch wet and dry electric shaver

TripleTrack blades, Pivoting & Flexing Heads, SmartClean AT928/26


Why am I not able to place the shaver in the Jet Clean System?

If the holder is not in the highest position, the shaver cannot be placed in the Jet clean System.

  1. Put the small plug in the Jet Clean System.
  2. Put the adapter in the wall socket. The holder automatically moves to the highest position.
  3. Place the shaver upside down in the holder with the display pointing towards the front of the Jet Clean System.
  4. Press the shaver tightly into the holder to lock it into place.

Note: The shaver cannot be placed in the Jet Clean System when the protection cap is on the shaving unit.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AT928/26 , AT928/16 , RQ1195/22 , RQ1275/17 , RQ1295/23 , RQ1285/17 , AT891/16 , AT940/20 , AT890/17 , PT860/15 , PT870/15 , PT920/19 , PT920/22 , RQ1160/22 , RQ1280/17 , RQ1260/17 , RQ1160/17 , RQ1280/22 , RQ1260/22 , RQ1250/17 , RQ1180/17 , RQ1290/23 , RQ1050/16 , RQ1050/18 , RQ1060/20 , RQ1075/22 , RQ1095/22 . more less

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