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    HD8752/03 Saeco Intelia Evo Super-automatic espresso machine
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    Saeco Intelia Evo Super-automatic espresso machine


    My Philips/Saeco machine does not grind the coffee beans.

    If your Philips/Saeco espresso machine will not grind the coffee beans but the grinder is turning, unblock the coffee funnel and change the grind setting.

    Unblock the coffee funnel, perform extra cleaning

    Unblock the coffee funnel with a spoon handle and clean with a vacuum cleaner

    1. Switch the machine OFF and wait until you hear no more sounds (this can take up to 15-20 seconds).
    2. Remove the brew group.
    3. Open the lid of the pre-ground coffee funnel and place the spoon handle into the funnel.
      Note: if there is no pre-ground coffee funnel, insert the spoon handle into the coffee funnel from below
    4. Move the handle up and down until the clogged ground coffee falls down. Note: Some force may be required.
    5. Remove all fallen ground coffee with a vacuum cleaner.
    6. Then put the vacuum cleaner on the outlet of the coffee funnel and cover the pre-ground coffee funnel with your hand. Or vice versa, put the vacuum cleaner on the top and cover the bottom.
    7. Put the brew group back, switch the machine back on and brew an espresso.
    8. After brewing, check if the funnel is still free from ground coffee. If not, repeat the unblocking procedure.

    To prevent the coffee funnel from getting blocked:

    • Do not pour/spill any water into the coffee bean container
    • Clean the coffee funnel weekly
    Play Pause

    Change the grind setting to a courser grind

    The grind setting button is in the bean container. For some machines, you need an extra tool to change the grind setting: the multi-functional tool.

    To change the grind setting:

    1. Place a cup under the dispensing spout.
    2. Press the button to brew a large coffee/espresso lungo.
    3. When the grinder starts to grind the beans, press the grinder adjustment knob down and turn the knob one notch at a time. Stop turning when the grinder stops grinding. For some machines, you need to use the multi-functional key (coffee scoop) to change the setting. Place the back-end of the pre-ground coffee scoop on the grinder adjustment knob, press it down and then adjust one notch.
    4. Brew a cup of espresso and adjust again when needed.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HD8752/03 , HD8752/94 , HD8753/03 , HD8966/13 , HD8768/03 , HD8761/03 , HD8762/03 , HD8855/03 , HD8857/03 , HD8750/13 , HD8753/25 , HD8752/25 , HD8753/23 , HD8930/13 , HD8751/23 , HD8752/23 , HD8946/03 , RI9735/82 , RI9305/03 , HD8745/04 , RI9702/03 , HD8943/13 , HD8856/03 , HD8854/03 , HD8839/11 , HD8838/02 , HD8837/03 , HD8747/01 , HD8833/13 , HD8836/11 , HD8946/01 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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