Saeco Intelia Evo Super-automatic espresso machine

Automatic Milk Frother, Stainless steel HD8752/03


My Philips/Saeco espresso machine will not dispense coffee

In the unfortunate event that your Philips/Saeco espresso machine will not dispense any coffee or water, there might be a simple solution.

First time

It is normal for almost no coffee or water to be dispensed the first time you use the machine as the Saeco adapting system is still adjusting.

Brew 5-7 more cups of coffee.

The brew group is clogged by dirt or not well greased

Clean and grease the brew group.

  1. Switch the machine OFF and wait until you no longer hear a sound (this can take up to 15-20 seconds).
  2. Remove the brew group and rinse it with fresh water, especially the filter on the brew group.
  3. Make sure the brew group is well greased. Refer to the video for instructions.
  4. Replace the brew group, coffee grounds container, drip tray and close the service door.
  5. Switch the machine back ON.

For a thorough clean of the brew group, use the coffee oil remover tablet CA6704.

Rinse Brew group.gif
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There are coffee beans trapped under the water tank

Remove any beans located in the water tank compartment.

  1. Remove the water tank.
  2. Remove any beans that are located at the bottom of the water tank compartment.
  3. Fill the water tank with water and put it back.
  4. Restart the machine by switching it OFF and back ON.

The grind setting is set to a fine grind

Adjust the grind setting to a coarser grind.

You can adjust the grind settings using the knob inside the bean container.

  • Only adjust the grind settings when the machine is grinding coffee beans
  • Place a cup under the coffee spout.
  • Press the ESPRESSO button to brew a coffee.
  • When the grinder starts grinding, place the grinder adjustment key on the grinder adjustment knob.
  • To adjust the setting, push it down and turn it one notch to the left or to the right.
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When using an AquaClean/Brita filter

The AquaClean or Brita filter is not properly prepared or the filter is clogged.

  1. Remove the filter from the water tank.
  2. Immerse the filter upside down in cold water and wait until no more air bubbles emerge.
  3. Put the filter back and first dispense 2-3 cups of hot water. Then dispense an espresso.
  4. If it still does not work, remove the filter from the water tank.
  5. Dispense 2-3 cups of hot water and then brew an espresso. If this works, the filter is clogged and needs to be replaced.
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There is air in the system

Dispense 2-3 cups of hot water.

The machine needs to be descaled

Descale the machine with the Philips/Saeco decalcifier.

  • Internal circuits might be clogged up with scale

The SBS knob is closed (Exprelia or Xelsis machines only)

  1. Turn the SBS knob to the middle position.
  2. Brew an espresso.
SBS knob.gif

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD8752/03 , HD8752/94 , HD8753/03 , HD8966/13 , HD8768/03 , HD8761/03 , HD8762/03 , HD8855/03 , HD8857/03 , HD8750/13 , HD8753/25 , HD8752/25 , HD8753/23 , HD8930/13 , HD8751/23 , HD8752/23 , HD8946/03 , RI9735/82 , RI9305/03 , HD8743/11 , RI9702/03 , HD8943/13 , HD8856/03 , HD8854/03 , HD8839/11 , HD8838/02 , HD8837/03 , HD8745/04 , HD8747/01 , HD8833/13 , HD8836/11 , HD8854/01 , HD8944/01 , HD8946/01 . more less

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