Saeco Intelia Evo Super-automatic espresso machine

Automatic Milk Frother, Stainless steel HD8752/03


My Philips Saeco espresso machine is leaking

Water or coffee under your machine can have multiple causes; it does not directly indicates a technical default. Please continue reading.

What is the colour of the water that leaked and where is it leaking?

  1. Brownish water / water containing coffee particles in the drip tray or under the machine: see possible causes 1,2,3

  2. Lots of clear water under the machine: see possible cause 4

  3. Coffee / water is leaking behind the coffee spout: see possible cause 5

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Cause 1: The drip tray is full and has overflown

If you see water in the drip tray, do not worry. This is water from the self-rinsing cycles made by the machine during use, which ends up directly in the drip tray.

To prevent the drip tray from overflowing:

  • Empty the drip tray when the 'drip tray full indicator' pops up through the drip tray cover
  • Fully insert the water tank, push it to the back as far as possible. Only for models such as: Xelsis, Xsmall, Moltio, Phillips 2000 and Philips 21000
  • Before you start descaling the machine, make sure that the drip trays are empty
  • Place the machine on a horizontal surface

Cause 2: The drip tray was removed during use

If the drip tray is removed, it can no longer collect the water drops that fall from the brew group. This is normal behaviour. Dry the space under the machine.

Cause 3: The brew group or coffee residue drawer is clogged

Clean the brew group and the coffee residue drawer.

  1. Switch the machine OFF and wait until you no longer hear a sound (this can take up to 15-20 seconds)
  2. Remove the brew group and rinse it with fresh water, paying particular attention to the filter on the brew group
  3. Remove the residue drawer and rinse it with fresh water
  4. Clean the area under the brew group with a damp cloth
  5. Replace the residue drawer, brew group, coffee grounds container and drip tray
  6. Close the service door
  7. Switch the machine back ON
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Cause 4: Lots of clear water under the machine

The water tank is not fully inserted; make sure you push it to the back as far as possible.
This counts for models with a water tank at the front; Xelsis, Xsmall, Moltio, Phillips 2000 and Philips 21000

If this does not solve the problem, please contact our Consumer Care Centre to help you out as the machine might need service.

Cause 5: Coffee or water is leaking behind the coffee spout

If you have a removable coffee spout, make sure it is placed in the correct position. Push the coffee spout a bit more towards the machine; this might help to solve the problem.

If the coffee spout on your machine is not removable, please contact Consumer Care as the machine needs a service.

The support movie is applicable for all Full Automatic Espresso machines, not only the mentioned models.

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The information on this page applies to the following models: HD8752/03 , HD8752/94 , HD8753/03 , HD8966/13 , HD8768/03 , HD8761/03 , HD8762/03 , HD8855/03 , HD8857/03 , HD8750/13 , HD8753/25 , HD8752/25 , HD8753/23 , HD8930/13 , HD8751/23 , HD8752/23 , HD8946/03 , RI9735/82 , RI9305/03 , HD8743/11 , RI9702/03 , HD8943/13 , HD8856/03 , HD8854/03 , HD8839/11 , HD8838/02 , HD8837/03 , HD8745/04 , HD8747/01 , HD8833/13 , HD8836/11 , HD8854/01 , HD8944/01 , HD8946/01 . more less

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