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    Saeco Intelia Evo Super-automatic espresso machine

    Automatic Milk Frother, Stainless steel HD8752/03


    My Philips/Saeco espresso machine is showing an error code

    If your Philips espresso machine runs into an error, a red display will appear with an icon image together with a code number, such as 01, 03, 04, 05, 11, 14 or 19. Below you will find what the error codes mean and how to solve it.

    Note: If your espresso machine is showing any other error codes not mentioned above, we advise you to contact us for further assistance as your machine will need to be serviced.

    Error Code 01: Coffee grinder cannot work properly

    If the code E01 appears, it indicates that the coffee grinder cannot work properly due to the coffee funnel being blocked with ground coffee.
    To fix this, unblock the coffee funnel and perform an extra clean with a vacuum cleaner. Follow the steps below:

    1. Switch the machine OFF and wait until it is completely off and no longer makes any noises (this takes about 15-20 seconds)
    2. Remove the brew group
    3. Open the lid of the pre-ground coffee funnel and place the spoon handle into the funnel.
      Note: If there is no pre-ground coffee funnel, insert the spoon handle into the coffee funnel from below
    4. Move the handle up and down until the clogged ground coffee falls down. Some force may be required.
    5. Remove all fallen ground coffee with a vacuum cleaner
    6. Then put the vacuum cleaner on the outlet of the coffee funnel and cover the pre-ground coffee funnel with your hand. Or vice versa, put the vacuum cleaner on the top and cover the bottom.
    7. Reinsert the brew group, switch the machine back ON and brew an espresso
    8. After brewing, check if the funnel is still free from ground coffee. If not, repeat the unblocking procedure.


    • To prevent the coffee funnel from getting blocked
    • Do not pour/spill any water into the coffee bean container
    • Clean the coffee funnel weekly
    Unblocking coffee funnel on Philips espresso machine

    Error Code 03: Brew group is dirty

    If the code E03 appears, the brew group contains too much dirt and cannot work properly. Rinse the brew group to solve the issue. See cleaning instructions below:

    1. Switch OFF the machine and wait until it is completely off and no longer makes any noises (this takes about 15-20 seconds)
    2. Open the service door and remove the brew group by pressing the “PUSH” button to the right-hand side, holding it and pulling it towards you
    3. Rinse the brew group thoroughly with lukewarm water and let it air-dry before placing it back
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    Error Code 04: Brew group is not correctly inserted

    When the code E04 appears, the brew group is not inserted. Open the service door of the machine and push the brew group into place. When it is correctly inserted, you will hear a click.

    Error Code 05: Air is trapped in the water circuit

    To release the air from the machine, follow the steps below:

    1. Switch OFF the machine
    2. Empty the water tank and remove the AquaClean filter or any other water filter
    3. Fill the water tank with water and reposition it
    4. Switch the machine back ON. When the machine has heated up, select hot water and dispense 2-3 cups of hot water

    If you are using an AquaClean water filter, follow these extra steps to make sure the filter is prepared and correct installed for use:

    1. Shake the AquaClean water filter for 5 seconds
    2. Hold the filter upside down in a container/bowl with water until no more air bubbles come out
    3. Reinsert the filter into the water tank and fill the water tank with water
    4. Restart the machine and switch it off and back on
    5. Select hot water and dispense 2-3 cups of hot water
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    Error Code 14: Machine has overheated

    When error code 14 appears, it indicates that the espresso machine is overheated. To fix this, switch the machine OFF and leave it for 30 minutes until it cools down.

    Error Code 11 or 19: Machine needs to adjust to room temperature

    When error code 11 or 19 appears, allow some time for the machine to adjust from transport/outdoor temperature to room temperature. This can happen more often during the winter period, especially when it is cold and the outdoor temperatures are around zero degrees.

    Switch OFF the machine for 30 minutes and switch it on again.

    If your espresso machine is showing other error codes or if these solutions do not solve the issue, please contact us for further assistance.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HD8752/03 , HD8752/94 , HD8753/03 , HD8966/13 , HD8768/03 , HD8761/03 , HD8762/03 , HD8855/03 , HD8857/03 , HD8750/13 , HD8753/25 , HD8752/25 , HD8753/23 , HD8930/13 , HD8751/23 , HD8752/23 , HD8946/03 , RI9735/82 , RI9305/03 , HD8745/04 , RI9702/03 , HD8943/13 , HD8856/03 , HD8854/03 , HD8839/11 , HD8838/02 , HD8837/03 , HD8747/01 , HD8833/13 , HD8836/11 , HD8946/01 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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