StyleCare Auto-rotating airstyler

Keratin Ceramic coating, Ionic, 800W, 3 attachments HP8668/00


My hair gets trapped in the Philips StyleCare

The Philips StyleCare Airstyler is designed to give you a quick and easy curling experience. To avoid hair getting trapped, follow these simple steps.

Using your Philips StyleCare

  1. Only use an amount of hair that fits comfortably into the hair sectioning tool.

  2. Make sure that the opening is clear of any stray hair before pressing the curling button.

  3. Comb your hair thoroughly to ensure that there are no tangles before curling.

  4. Stretch your strands tightly when inserting them into the opening of the curling chamber.

  5. Release the hair as it is curled into the chamber.

  6. If you have long hair, use smaller sections of hair.

  7. Avoid having hair too close to the air inlet (the opening at the base of the styler).

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The information on this page applies to the following models: HP8668/00 .

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