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My Philips styler does not switch on

If your Philips styler does not switch on, this can be due to several reasons. To determine why your styler is not switching on, follow the steps below.

There might be a power failure or a faulty power supply

Check that the power supply is working. If it is, plug in another appliance to check that the power supply is working.

Your Philips styler may not be suitable for the voltage to which it is connected

Make sure that the voltage indicated on your styler is in accordance with the local voltage.

The cord might be damaged

If the cord is damaged, we will happily replace your styler. Please contact us.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BHS677/00 , HP8324/00 , HP8668/00 , HP8280/00 , HP8372/00 , BHH777/00 , HP8319/00 , HPS930/00 , HP8339/20 , HP4684/00 , HP8343/00 , HP8344/00 , HP8656/00 , HP8260/00 , HP8309/22 , HP8195/00 , HP8361/00 , HP8341/00 , HP8298/00 , HP4686/22 , HP4997/22 , HP4935/22 , HP8290/00 , HP8180/00 , HP8183/00 , HP8182/00 , HP4666/07 , HP4687/07 , HP4686/07 , HP4940/00 , HP4962/07 , HP4829/00 , HP4992/07 , HP4668/07 , HP4642/17 , HP4867/07 , HP4669/17 , HP4661/07 , HP4982/07 , HP4880/07 , HP4891/17 , HP4882/07 , HP4611/00 . more less

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