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My Philips Hair Styler gives off a strange smell

If you get a burning or chemical-like smell while using your Philips Hair Dryer or Straightener, check our troubleshooting advice to solve this issue.

First time use

Some styling devices like hairdryers and straighteners produce a strange smell when used for the first time. This is nothing to worry about and this smell usually fades away after a few uses.
To minimise this smell, try styling your hair in a well-ventilated room or keep a nearby window open.

Hair styler is dirty

Another reason for your hair styler to produce a burning smell might be that it is dirty. If any dust particles or residue have accumulated on your straightener or hair dryer, they might burn due to the high temperature of the device and start to smell.
To solve this issue, clean your styling device properly before each use. For specific instructions on how to clean your Philips Hair Styler, please refer to your user manual.
If the advice above does not solve your issue, please contact us for further support.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BHS677/00 , BHD184/00 , BHD282/00 , HP8324/00 , HP8668/00 , BHD176/00 , HP8280/00 , HP8372/00 , BHH777/00 , BHH814/00 , HP8319/00 , HPS920/00 , HPS930/00 , HP8339/20 , HP8233/00 , HP8232/00 , HP8343/00 , HP8344/00 , HP8656/00 , HP8260/00 , HP8309/22 , HP8195/00 , HP8361/00 , HP8342/00 , HP8341/00 , HP8298/00 , HP8103/00 , HP8310/00 , HP8290/00 , HP8180/00 , HP8183/00 , HP8182/00 , HP4880/07 , HP4891/17 , HP4882/07 , HP4611/00 . more less

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