Airfryer XXL Accessory Kit

Party Master kit, 1x double layer accessory, 1x food separator, 1x recipe booklet HD9950/01


My Philips Airfryer does not switch on

If your Philips Airfryer won't switch on, find out below what you can do to solve the issue.

The plug is not properly inserted into the socket

Please make sure that the plug is correctly inserted into the socket.

The timer has been set for 5 minutes or less

Your Airfryer will be switched on by the timer. If the timer was set for less than 5 minutes, then it could be that it won't switch on.

Too many appliances are plugged into the same socket

If too many appliances are plugged into the same socket, then your Airfryer might not work. Please unplug the other appliances or use another socket.

If these solutions did not solve your problem, please contact our Customer Care team.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD9950/01 , HD9952/01 , HD9951/01 , HD9630/21 , HD9651/91 , HD9621/41 , HD9643/17 , HD9216/81 , HD9912/90 , HD9940/00 , HD9620/01 , HD9621/11 , HD9220/66 , HD9240/30 , HD9240/90 , HD9230/20 , HD9230/50 , HD9905/00 , HD9904/00 , HD9225/50 , HD9925/00 , HD9220/50 , HD9220/40 , HD9220/20 . more less

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