SmartPro Compact Robot vacuum cleaner

Super slim design (6cm), 2-step cleaning system, 80 min runtime FC8700/71


My Philips SmartPro Compact robot will not switch on

This can have several causes:

Cause: The rechargeable battery has run down

Solution: Charge the rechargeable battery. Detailed instructions are in the article 'Charging the SmartPro Compact'.

Cause: The on/off switch is not set to 'on' (I)

Solution: Make sure the on/off switch on the side of the robot is set to on (“I”) and the robot is connected to the charger or plugged into the docking station. After a few seconds a charging light will light up on the on/off button on top of the robot when successfully connected.

Cause: The small plug is still inserted in the socket on the robot

Solution: The robot does not work on mains power. It only works on its rechargeable battery. Therefore, always disconnect the adapter from the robot and the mains before use.

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC8700/71 .

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