Performer Compact Vacuum cleaner with bag

2000 W, Super Clean Air filter, 3L FC8385/71


My Philips vacuum cleaner indicates that the dust bag is full

Your Philips vacuum cleaner might indicate that the dust bag is full, even when it is not. Find out what can cause this and how to easily restore the performance.

An object is stuck in the nozzle, tube or hose

The dust bag-full indicator could be triggered when an object is stuck in the nozzle, tube or hose of your vacuum cleaner.

Please check the nozzle, tube and hose of your vacuum cleaner to make sure an object is not blocking them.

The dust bag-full indicator

The motor protection filter is dirty

If your vacuum cleaner’s motor protection filter (image below) is dirty, your dust-bag indicator could change colour. Make sure the motor protection filter is clean, then check again if the dust bag-full indicator still changes colour permanently even when the dust bag is not full yet.

Philips vacuum cleaner exhaust filter

The dust-bag pores are clogged

Sometimes, the pores in your vacuum cleaner’s dust-bag can become clogged (i.e. after vacuuming ashes, fine sand, lime, cement dust or other similar substances).

If you have checked the above-mentioned possibilities and your vacuum cleaner still indicates the bag is full, please replace the disposable dust bag or empty the reusable dust bag, even if it is not full yet.


Only use Philips disposable dust bags or a Philips reusable dust bag with this appliance. Other dust bags might damage the motor of this appliance. Never reuse a disposable dust bag.

You can find more information in the user manual. If the above solution did not help to solve your problem, please contact Philips Consumer Care.

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC8385/71 , FC9180/72 .

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