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    Where can I find the model and the serial number of my Philips Vacuum Cleaner?

    Updated on 2022-06-10

    If you are wondering how to find the model and the serial number of your Philips Vacuum, please find the information about this below.

    The model and the serial number of your Philips Vacuum

    The model number and serial number information of your Philips Vacuum Cleaner can be found on a plate. Depending on your model, the type plate is located
    -    on the bottom,  
    -    underneath the dust container,
    -    on the back of the handheld or
    -    behind the water tank of the device.

    The model number is mostly located in the upper left-hand corner. It starts with two capital letters followed by four digits. For instance, FC9192/xx or XW9385/xx. 

    The serial number is mostly in the bottom right-hand corner. It consists of four digits: the first two digits mark the year, the second two digits mark the week number. For instance, 1850 or 1734. In some cases, S/N is printed in front of the serial number.
    The model number and serial number on your device

    The information on this page applies to the following models: FC9728/71 , FC9350/71 , FC9351/71 , FC8474/71 , FC8670/71 , FC8671/71 , FC8385/71 , FC8700/71 , FC7020/71 , FC8631/71 , FC6142/71 , FC6148/71 , FC7012/71 , FC7025/71 , FC7088/71 , FC8472/71 , FC9180/72 , FC8632/72 , FC8635/71 , FC8473/72 , FC8761/72 , FC8802/71 , FC6161/72 , FC6148/01 , FC6095/01 , FC6095/71 , FC8142/71 , FC8142/01 , FC8734/71 , FC8734/02 , FC8738/01 , FC9200/01 , FC9206/01 , FC9202/01 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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