Steam floor cleaner

1300W, Extra flat nozzle, 2 microfiber pads FC7025/71


Quick start guide for my Philips SteamCleaner Active

Find out how to use your Philips SteamCleaner Active for the first time, following these simple steps.

Preparing for use

  1. Place the tube into the appliance.
  2. Optional: Adjust the length of the tube to your convenience.*

Steaming your floor

  1. Attach the pad to the pad holder;
  2. Attach the pad holder to the nozzle of the SteamCleaner Active;
    For use on carpet, also attach the carpet glider;
  3. Press the release button to remove the water tank from the appliance;
  4. Remove the cap by turning it anticlockwise;
  5. Fill the water tank with tap or distilled water. Do not add any detergents to the water.
  6. Place the cap on the water tank;
  7. Place the water tank back into the appliance;
  8. Plug in the SteamCleaner Active;
  9. Press the steam button on the front of the appliance. The light ring around the button lights up white.
  10. When the water inside the appliance has heated up, the light ring turns blue;
  11. Pull the handle towards you to start steaming;
  12. Steam your floor;
  13. Optional: adjust the amount of steam by rotating the steam regulator button on the front of the appliance.*

*SteamCleaner Active with type number FC7028 only.

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC7025/71 .

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