Beardtrimmer series 7000 Vacuum Beard Trimmer

0.5mm precision settings, Self-sharpening metal blades, Up to 100 min use/ 1 hr charge, High performance vacuum system BT7520/15

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rinse my Philips groomer under the tap?

No, you should not rinse your Philips groomer under the tap. Below you can find information on how to clean your groomer properly.

How to clean your Philips groomer:

  • Use the brush provided to clean the cutting element.

  • Use a damp cloth to clean the groomer exterior and the comb attachment. Make sure that the cloth is not too damp.

Many of our models have attachments that can be rinsed under the tap once they have been detached from the groomer. Check your user manual to find out if your groomer has rinsable attachments.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BT7520/15 , BT1216/10 , MG3730/15 , BT7220/85 , BT7204/85 , MG3740/15 , BT7201/15 , BT7220/15 , HC3410/85 , QC5132/15 , BT7085/32 , HC7450/80 , HC5440/15 , QT4000/15 , QT4015/16 , QC5365/80 , QT4005/15 , QT4070/32 . more less

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