Beardtrimmer series 7000 Vacuum Beard Trimmer

0.5mm precision settings, Full metal blades, 80 min cordless use/1h charge, Captures up to 90% cut hair* BT7220/85


How does the length setting on my Philips groomer work?

The length setting on your Philips groomer is indicated by a figure on the comb or display. This figure represents the remaining hair length after grooming. This can be the hair length in mm or inches, or a setting.

How to set your length:

1) Make sure that you place the comb correctly

2) Depending on your model, adjust the length:

  • By turning the zoom wheel
  • By pressing the setting selector on the comb and sliding it to the desired setting.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BT7220/85 , BT7201/15 , BT7220/15 , BT5205/16 , HC3410/85 , QC5132/15 , BT7085/32 , QS6161/32 , HC7450/80 , BT9295/32 , HC5440/15 , BT5260/32 , QG3352/16 , QG3330/17 , QG3360/17 , QT4000/15 , QT4015/16 , QC5365/80 , QS6140/32 , QT4005/15 , QT4022/32 , QT4070/32 . more less

Power/ Charging / Battery life(1)

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