Beardtrimmer series 3000 Beard trimmer

0.5mm precision settings, Full metal blades, 60 min cordless use/1h charge, Lift & Trim system BT3236/14


How do I best use my Philips beard trimmer?

Your Philips beard trimmer should give you great results, every time. There are, however, tips and tricks to help you on your way. Just follow these simple steps.

How to use your Philips beard trimmer:

1) Select the right length setting; we advise to start with a higher setting if you're inexperienced

2) Turn on the beard trimmer

3) Move the beard trimmer slowly, against the direction of hair growth

Tips and tricks:

  • Make sure that you place the beard trimmer on your face at the right angle

  • Use the beard trimmer without the comb for contouring and for the shortest length setting

  • For perfect results, move the beard trimmer in different directions over your skin

Using the trimmer

The information on this page applies to the following models: BT3236/14 , BT1216/10 , BT3206/14 , BT3216/14 , BT7220/85 , BT9297/15 , BT7204/85 , BT7201/15 , BT7220/15 , BT5205/16 , BT7085/32 , BT9295/32 , BT5260/32 , QT4000/15 , QT4015/16 , QT4005/15 , QT4022/32 , QT4070/32 . more less

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