Avent Natural glass baby bottle

1 Bottle, 4oz/120ml, Newborn flow nipple, 0m+ SCF671/17

Frequently Asked Questions

How tightly should I screw the ring on my Philips Avent Natural glass bottle?

Find out how to best fit the ring on your Philips Avent Natural glass bottle.

Assure the best fit

  • The design of the bottle neck is such that there should be a gap (see picture below) between the glass bottle body and the plastic screw ring.
  • If you feel some resistance when assembling the screw ring to the bottle, please do not screw any further. The bottle is screwed tightly enough.
  • Please do not overtighten the screw ring. Overtightening the screw ring could damage the plastic screw thread.
Bottle neck

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF671/17 .

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