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    How to shave your back and shoulders

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    It’s a common issue: you can’t see your luxuriant back hair, but you’re very aware that it’s there. If you’re inclined to do something about it, remember that, while there’s no shame in being hirsute, shaving your back hair is easy – and even just a light trim can make muscles stand out. Here’s how to shave your back and shoulders at home in five steps.

    How to get rid of back hair

    Shaving is often the best way to remove back hair at home, requiring no assistance and none of the pain of waxing. The key to back hair removal is having the right tools for the job. For the best results, it’s worth investing in a body grooming tool with a long handle attachment to reach the center of your back. Adjustable length settings are also essential: move between them to achieve a natural gradation of hair, using both a shaver and a comb.

    Ready? Here’s how to shave your back:

    1. Clean and comb

    • Before shaving the back hair, take a quick shower to clean up, and then wait a few minutes to cool and dry off. Then comb through any longer patches to remove knots.

    2. Shave your back

    • Start shaving your back. Cover larger areas first, avoiding any moles or scars that may be sensitive. Go against the growth of your hair, where possible. Back hair and shoulder hair is often patchy, so you may need to go over it in different directions to get a really close shave.

    3. Sensitive areas

    • Next, move on to sensitive areas, or areas that require more precision. A well-placed mirror will help you see any back hair you may have missed or areas that need more attention. This step perfects the back hair removal you started in step two so take your time here and get your back hair down to the level you want it.

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    What you need

    Bodygroom series 3000 Showerproof groin and body trimmer


    Smooth body grooming, safe even below the belt

    The Series 3000 is designed to power through hair, without compromise on skin comfort. Use the skin friendly shaver with countour following 2D technology or trim by clicking on the 3mm length comb.

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    Suggested retail price: $79.95

    4. Finish up and rinse off

    • To finish up, rinse your back and shoulders with cool water. Then pat the skin dry and apply skin-soothing lotion. Admire your handiwork! Removing back and shoulder hair can be a little tricky so be proud of the smooth back you worked so hard for. Or better yet find a really close friend to admire your back.

    5. Back hair maintenance

    • In between back hair removal sessions, some light maintenance is required. To keep ingrown hairs at bay, use a shower gel with exfoliating agents, or a scrubbing bath tool. Be kind to your skin and give it some rest in between shaving sessions. When possible wear lightweight, cotton clothing for skin breathability and less irritation.

    • That’s it! Now you know how to shave your back. Get out there and display it proudly.

    Extra tips & reminders

    How can I avoid itchiness after back hair removal?

    Itching isn’t always an issue after back hair removal, but if your skin tends to get aggravated after shaving, good after care can make all the difference. Just after you shave or trim your back fuzz, rinse off your back and use your body groomer with cool water. Pat the skin dry with a soft towel, and then apply moisturiser. Do this every time you shower. Switch your usual body wash with an exfoliating scrub, or a brush, to tease out any hairs that might want to grow inwards.

    Should I be wet or dry shaving back hair?

    If your back hair is on the long side (no shame in that) then a dry trim will be best, especially if you’re aiming to keep irritation to a minimum. If you’re closely shaving short hair or a stubbly back, a wet shave in or outside the shower with a shaving balm (not cream or foam – you want to see what you’re doing) is a legitimate option and a good way of incorporating back hair removal into your daily routine.

    How often should I be trimming or shaving back hair?

    Much like shaving your face, this will depend a little on the speed with which your back hair fills itself in, and whether you’re aiming for total smoothness. If you tend to just trim down straggly back hair, you can leave it for up to a week. A clean-shaven look takes more upkeep, so aim to tackle it every two to three days, depending on when you start to notice stubble.

    The hairy back is an underrated look. Don’t be afraid to wear yours with pride. But if you do decide to invest your time in back hair removal, try trimming for a neat look that makes muscles appear more defined. Or choose a really close, wet shave for a smooth and hair-free look. Just remember to match it with the rest of your manscaping routine: if your back is baby smooth but your arms are extremely hairy, it’s a giveaway.

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