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    Respiratory Care

    What is a spacer or valved holding chamber?

    Both spacers and valved holding chambers were designed as accessories to be used with your inhaler, puffer or pMDI to help deliver medication to your lungs where it is needed.

      Philips OptiChamber Diamond helps deliver more medication to your lungs where it is needed.

      These devices  can be especially helpful in young children and in patients of any age who are prescribed an inhaled corticosteroid which may also be called a steroid.
      OpticChamber Diamond
      Philips valved holding chamber - OptiChamber Diamond

      Why is it important to use a spacer or valved holding chamber with your inhaler?

      Helps reduce the risk of inhaler side effects1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
      Aerosol medicine comes out of the inhaler very quickly so it is often very difficult to use an inhaler correctly because the canister needs to be pressed at the same time as you breathe in8, 9.

      Enhances your treatment. Medicine often ends up in your mouth, throat and stomach when using an inhaler on its own. A valved holding chamber may improve drug delivery to the lungs where it is needed by as much as up to 4 times10.

      Should a facemask or a mouthpiece be used?

      Babies and all young children, who cannot use the mouthpiece of the chamber, should be encouraged to use a facemask11, 12. It is important that the facemask fits comfortably on the face, providing a good fit, to help them receive the proper dose of inhaler medication.

      To use the mouthpiece effectively your child needs to be able to firmly close their teeth and lips around the mouthpiece so they can take a slow deep breath and hold the breath for a few seconds. Children who cannot do this, will need to use a facemask.

      Many valved holding chambers have the following additional unique benefits over a spacer:

      One way valve stops you accidentally exhaling into the chamber13 and lets you breathe easily14
      Anti-static materials that suspend the aerosol for longer, meaning you have more time to inhale your medication15
      A flow alert “whistle” lets you know if you are breathing in too quickly

      The benefits of a spacer or valved holding chamber

      Inhaler only
      Inhaler only
      Medicine end up in the mouth, throat and stomach which may cause side effects.
      Inhaler with chamber
      Inhaler with spacer
      More medicine is delivered to the lungs where it can be most effective.

      The benefits of using a mask with a spacer or valved holding chamber for children

      Mask with a poor seal
      Mask with a poor seal
      Inhaling with a poorly fitted facemask means that most of the medicine will be lost and not delivered to the lungs17.
      Mask with a proper seal
      Mask with an effective seal
      Inhaling through a mask that provides a soft but effective seal can help to maximise delivery of medication to the lungs17.

      Tips on use and care for your OptiChamber Diamond

      Optichamber diamond summary video thumbnail

      OptiChamber Diamond Summary

      How to use with a litetouch mask
      How to use with a LiteTouch Mask
      How to use with a mdi inhaler
      How to use with an MDI inhaler
      How to clean chamber
      Cleaning the chamber
      How to clean chamber and mask
      Cleaning the chamber and mask
      Information on this website is informational only and should not replace the advice of a physician.

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