Choose your universal remote control!

Do you have a broken remote or did you lose one? Or do you just want to control all your devices with one remote? A Philips universal remote control puts you back in control and simplifies your life because it controls many devices regardless of type and brand. This page will guide you to your best universal remote control solution.

The consolidation solution - Prestigo

Prestigo Universal Remote Controls consolidate up to 20 devices in one single remote. No more hassle with different remote controls: a Prestigo is easy to install and easy to use.

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The replacement solution - Perfect replacements

Philips offers perfect replacement remotes when your original remote control is broken or lost. With our reliable remotes you will be back in control in just a flash and operate your equipment in the best possible way.

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Total control simplified

Troubled with too many remotes? Philips allows you to replace them all with just one single universal remote control from the Prestigo range. The LCD screen offers full button functionality and with activities you can start your entertainment conveniently. It is also easy to set up via your computer.

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Intuitive Navigation

Prestigo universal remote controls are easy to use and provide fast access to the keys you need via hard buttons. It is easily recognized by the clean, clear button lay-out. For the buttons that you use less frequent, you can also add or remove them on the LCD display.

Start your entertainment easily

Start your home entertainment activities with one touch of a button instead of controlling each individual device in separate steps. Simply press the activity button like ‘Watch a movie’ and the Prestigo will automatically switch on the different devices - such as the TV, DVD player and Home theatre system - to watch a movie.

Easy and simple setup

Connect your Prestigo remote to your PC or Mac via USB for an easy computer set up which is provided in different languages. Customize any functionality in a few simple steps.

Future proof

The Prestigo comes with an infrared code database with over 300.000 devices. You can control virtually every device on the market today - regardless of model or brand. Thanks to internet updates and learning capabilities, with Prestigo, you can also control devices you purchase in the future.

Perfect replacement

Is the original remote control - of for instance your TV or DVD player - broken or lost? Philips helps you out with a universal remote control from the perfect replacement range. The unique Simple Set-up feature will put you back in control in just 3 steps. Big buttons provide ease of use and the remote’s design offers a natural fit.

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Simple Set-up

Philips offers the unique Simple Set-up feature for the easiest set-up you can imagine. Just look up the code for your device in the ‘quick start guide’, enter it into the remote and press the on/off button until the device switches off. Check if all keys are working and you’re back in control. It’s really just 3 steps!

Easy to use

Perfect replacement remotes are easy to use because clear lay-out and well-sized buttons increase operability. Besides, some remotes are enhanced with glow and backlit buttons to increase readability in the dark.

Ergonomic design

Thanks to the consumer driven designers at Philips, the shape of our perfect replacement remotes fits perfectly in your hand for natural, balanced operation.