Philips survey shows men what women want when it comes to manscaping

48 per cent of Australian women want men to trim ‘down there’ and their dislike for hairy backs is overwhelming

September 13, 2010

Sydney, Australia – With Australian men getting braver in the bathroom and manscaping on the rise, a new Philips global survey has revealed the truth about how, when and where women want their men to trim. With almost half of women wanting men to groom ‘down there’ and 70 per cent wanting more attention paid to shoulder and back hair, the Philips survey provides men with the inside scoop on how to please the ladies.

No to hairy-backed gorillas
Nearly three quarters of Australian women (70 per cent) wish that men would tend to their back and shoulder hair more, which they rate as the most unattractive and unattended area of their guys. Not surprisingly, 83 per cent of Australian men said they never trim their shoulders and 85 per cent say they never trim their back hair.

Taking care, down there...
The Philips survey shows that one in four women find ungroomed pubic hair on men a big turn off, and almost half would like something done about it. 23 per cent of Australian women would like a bit of a trim, 20 per cent like it neatly groomed and trimmed short, and 5 per cent want it completely bare. Reasons for disliking ungroomed male pubic hair include: it is unpleasant when they are intimate (48 per cent); it looks dirty and messy (39 per cent) and it is less hygienic (38 per cent).

The good news is that some men are getting the message – the pubic region is the area most frequently trimmed by men – with one in five men trimming and grooming once a month or more frequently. Not surprisingly, the most common reason Australian men trim their hair ‘down there’ is that half of men think it looks better and one in three do it to add an ‘optical inch’ to their manhood. Manly aspirations are prominent around the world; the top three reasons for men globally are; it looks better; it is more hygienic or comfortable and 23 per cent do it to enhance the size of their penis.

The right tools?
Philips surveyed men and women from around the world, including Australia, on men’s habits and women’s preferences to support the launch of the company’s new male grooming product range. The Philips range is designed to help men ‘find their way in the woods’ – for example the all-in-one new Philips Body Groom is set to be one of the most popular and has been designed exclusively for men to trim and shave all body zones comfortably. The Stubble Trimmer gives maximum precision for facial hair at any length and the 7-in-1 Grooming Kit comes with seven attachments for unlimited style options to get your desired look.

A new Philips website will help put an end to any confusion and difficulty when it comes to grooming. With numerous styles providing inspiration and accompanying videos to show men how to create the look, grooming confusion can be a thing of the past.

Peter Bosscher, Strategic Business Development Manager Australian and New Zealand says, “Male grooming is easier than the guys think - with our complete range of Philips grooming products we want to ensure that guys can trim whatever area of their body they choose with the right tools from start to finish. While our research has shown that globally, men are getting more experimental with their facial and body hair styling than ever before, it has also revealed women’s exact preferences in where and what to trim, to give men the confidence they need to get even braver in the bathroom – and bedroom.”

He’s got the look
Globally, close to three quarters of men say they trim their facial hair to create or maintain a particular style at least once a week (74 per cent). Italy appear to be the most creative nation when it comes to their facial hair styling since only 1 per cent of men from this country said that their usual look is clean shaven. 22 per cent of Italian men also said they attend to their facial hair styles daily. The meticulous Germans appear to be the most avid groomers of facial hair styles, with a quarter of Germans trimming their styles daily.

Trimmed torsos
Women don’t mind a bit of chest hair, as long as it is kept neat. Women most prefer a man’s chest hair to be natural as long as it is not too thick and heavy (55 per cent), with 25 per cent preferring it as it is naturally. Only one in ten (12 per cent) most prefer a clean shaven chest. One in twenty men (5 per cent) will occasionally trim their chest hair just for fun.

With almost half (44 per cent) of men in Australia and globally (42 per cent) saying they do not have any unattractive unattended body hair, the survey demonstrates that Australian women are in support of manscaping, but wished the guys would get more in tune with their preferences.

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 1 Results based on 1000 men surveyed in in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Brazil and the USA in May 2010 and Galaxy Research commissioned by Philips Australia, June 2010.


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