119 cm (47") digital widescreen flat TV
Cineos digital widescreen flat TV

Cineos digital widescreen flat TV

119 cm (47"), LCD, integrated digital 47PFL9632D/79 Find similar products


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  • 2007-11-01

    Sexy looks, clever specs and the Ambilight system make this Philips 32-incher like no other at this price

    Conclusion : Mostly a resounding success: the styling and Ambilight system will be enough to sell it to many...

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    This set has plenty of positives when it comes to simple TV viewing, but the competition is just too fierce for it to take top honours

    • All the required connectivity and bags of features ; great TV picture ; lush, smooth, dynamic video image
    • Not entirely confident with motion ; hints of noise ; at the top of the price range for this size

    Combining class and style in terms of design and performance, this is a Philips worth seeing

    • Smart styling and a ton of features ; helpful set-up ; smooth motion, great detail, bright colours
    • A hint of noise and grain at times
  • 2007-10-29

    A 1080p model with mutiple-mode Ambilight and anti-judder features, the 42PFL9632D performs well in movie mode.

    • Ambilight modes suit movies ; Simple, user-friendly set-up ; Anti-judder features for smooth movement
    • Blacks are not deep and shadows lose details ; Slight trail in movement scenes ; Motion settings take some getting used to

    Conclusion : As befits its Cineos name, the 42PFL9632D is best suited to those with a penchant for drawing the curtains and firing up the home cinema to settle in for a night of next-gen DVD viewing. Activating Ambilight lends a sense of drama and occasion to the......

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  • 2008-01-22

    Philips has thrown everything at producing better pictures from the 47PFL9632D -- and its efforts have paid off in some of the best LCD images to date.

    • Picture quality is generally outstanding ; Great looks ; Ambilight ; Good connectivity ; Immense feature count
    • Requires care at setup stage ; Occasional processing artefacts

    Conclusion : Conclusion As with all really complex things, the 47PFL9632D demands more user knowledge and TLC than most TVs. But provided you show it the respect it deserves, it pays you back in fine style with some of the most spectacular pictures yet seen on a......

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  • 2007-11-03

    John looks at Philips' new Perfect Pixel Engine and comes away very impressed.

    Conclusion : While the 32PFL9632D's pictures may not yet represent complete perfection, they get pretty darned close to it, and might certainly be argued to deliver the best pictures yet seen on a 32in LCD TV. Especially since they put to the sword more fully than......

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  • 2008-03-22

    Bigger really is better when it comes to Philips' Cineos 52PFL9632D/10 LCD TV.

    Conclusion : The bigger Philips' PFL9632D TVs get, the more we like them. So given that the 52PFL9632D is the largest set in the range, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that we like it a lot. A very lot. Try one for yourself and see if you......

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Philips 32PFL9632D 32in LCD TV

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Philips Cineos 52PFL9632D/10 52in LCD TV

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