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Mar 17, 2023

A conversation on Global health inequities: how sleep and nutrition can play a part in possible solutions

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As we learn more about health inequalities there are many social determinates that create barriers for achieving and maintaining good health, including good sleep. Access to care and resources is one factor of many that may be associated to poor sleep health, and malnutrition. We have seen this be exacerbated by the pandemic.


In this webinar, Dr. Sandro DeMaio, CEO of VicHealth, Medical Doctor & Associate Professor globally-renowned public health expert and advocate on health inequities, and Professor Shantha Rajaratnam, Chair of the Sleep Health Foundation and Professor of Sleep and Circadian Medicine at Monash University in Australia, discuss and share evidence of the importance of addressing health inequalities and how it factors into to sleep health, examples of sleep deprivation, the rising prevalence of sleep disorders, the association with co-morbidities and the widespread health consequences health inequities can have on daily living.


They close the discussion with possible solutions to help address health inequalities and poor sleep health and how this may improve broader health outcomes. This educational activity was sponsored by Philips. 

sandro demaio portrait

Dr. Sandro DeMaio

Medical Doctor

CEO of VicHealth

shantha rajaratnam portrait

Professor Shantha Rajaratnam

Chair of the Sleep Health Foundation,

Professor of Sleep and Circadian Medicine

Monash University, Australia

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