Sleep and Respiratory Care

Patient-driven design
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Patient-driven designed products for sleep apnea 

We turned the design over to the experts. The result is a patient-driven design sleep apnea solution.

Introducing our most rigorously researched sleep therapy system. The blueprint for the Dream Family came from interviews with people who use CPAP technology every day, and the people who manage their treatment. It’s helping patients rediscover their dreams.

Dream Family

The Dream Family offers innovative, comprehensive sleep therapy technology with sleek, patient-driven design, and personalized tools to keep your patients engaged and using therapy.


Designed to increase patient adoption, long term use and enhanced efficiencies so you can better attend to patient’s needs, the Dream Family can help your patients get the sleep they need while supporting your business goals.


1. 2015 User Preference Questionnaire, data on file.

2. Mask does not directly contact the bridge of the nose or nostrils.

3. In a retrospective review conducted by Philips Respironics of approximately 15,000 System One patients, patients who used SleepMapper, which has been rebranded DreamMapper, demonstrated 22% greater adherence to the therapy than patients who did not use SleepMapper. To see which therapy devices are compatible with DreamMapper, visit .