Patient Information Center iX (PIC iX) Central monitoring system

Patient Information Center iX (PIC iX)

Central monitoring system

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Philips Patient Information Center (PIC iX) is the heart of our patient monitoring system that facilitates visibility into patient condition, assisting caregivers with the early identification of potential for deterioration while enhancing clinical workflow.

Visibility where it matters
Easily accessible patient data

Easily accessible patient data

Wherever you are – in the hospital, you can have access to the patient information you need to make informed clinical decisions via web and tablet access.
Close the gap in patient information
Comprehensive view from admission to discharge

Comprehensive view from admission to discharge

You can access your patient’s monitoring history across the continuum of care from ED, OR, or ICU, to the step-down unit, and even during transport. With PIC iX, you can consolidate and communicate patient data to caregivers, even when they're on the go, and to the EMR. PIC iX allows the upload of numerics from bedside and telemetry devices (and hold data for 8 hours when transmission gaps are unavoidable), and can backfill wave dropouts from bedside devices for 10 seconds.
Advanced clinical decision support
PIC iX clinical tools offer insight to help prioritize care

PIC iX clinical tools offer insight to help prioritize care

PIC iX offers powerful clinical decision support tools, early warning scoring and advanced algorithms to help you identify patients in need early, prior to critical events. Additionally, PIC iX includes technology that can help prioritize alarm protocols and workflows. Alarm Advisor proactively offers suggestions for personalizing each patient's settings to hep clinicians reduce non-actionable alarms.
Standards-based system
Scalable for your IT environment

Scalable for your IT environment

Our standards-based system supports a shared IT infrastructure to help you make the most of your existing network and hardware investments while meeting requirements for manageability, serviceability and security.
Protect your system integrity

Secure data where care takes place

We incorporate a risk-based defense-in-depth security approach to support data integrity and confidentiality. User authentication and authorization protect against unauthorized access to patient information and configuration changes. PIC iX is a hardened system using the US DoD Security Technical Implementation Guides for operating systems, SQL, .NET and Internet Explorer.
Informing clinical innovation

Data acquisition, archiving, access

Philips Data Warehouse Connect is our only service-minded, end-to-end clinical data analytics solution enabling high-resolution physiologic data acquisition, archiving, and access. We work to synthesize the robust clinical data generated by Philips patient monitoring systems, combined with data from other sources, on an open, scalable, and secure data management platform.
Drive quality improvement

Unlock your data and put it to work

Our vendor-neutral Data Warehouse Connect solution (a combination of software, IT and clinical services) can help you combine time-stamped, quality data with clinical context to help you find what is meaningful to your project, speeding clinical research and revealing learnings to help drive quality improvement.