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  • NPS scores doubled to 84%

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    NPS scores doubled to 84%

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  • People-centered care for proton therapy patients

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    People-centered care for proton therapy patients

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Meet our team

Werner Satter

Werner Satter

General Manager Experience Solutions

Werner and his team help hospitals and healthcare systems develop people-centric care solutions to help improve the quality of care delivery. His expertise spans the fields of research, design innovation, new business development, and marketing.

A strategic approach to designing an exceptional patient care environment

Exceptional patient experience
Learn how design thinking played a key role in redesigning the Broward Infusion Center

Philips takes a strategic healthcare design thinking approach to create innovative and efficient patient care environments. Based on decades of world-class design innovation, our design consultants integrate with data analysts and key stakeholders to deliver solutions with an exceptional experience for patients and staff.

Our consultants take a holistic approach to the healthcare experience, taking into account clinical, operational and experiential aspects. Various tools and methodologies are used to develop design recommendations that support clinical efficiency and help enhance the experience for patients, family and staff.

Insights will be prioritized and translated into customized, meaningful environments that can:


  • enhance patient and staff satisfaction
  • increase operational efficiency
  • optimize clinical workflow
StrategicDesign room interior

An innovative approach

A strategic approach: Our consultants collaborate with clinical teams to gather insights and work towards insightful solutions.


  • Assessment: A department or facility is assessed in terms of layout, clinical workflow, and performance. Market demands, qualitative and quantitative data, and patient and staff insights are gathered and analyzed for metrics-based change recommendations.
  • Experience flow mapping: Our unique and structured approach provides an insights-based view of the patient journey and clinical processes and graphically identifies areas of concern and opportunities for clinical and operational improvement.
  • Design: We collaborate with client teams to improve clinical efficiency and enhance the experience for all. Our co-creation process helps develop an enriched clinical environment and simulation tools provide visual representation of recommendations.
  • Recommendations: Recommendations are focused on improving the patient and staff experience, redesigning the environment, and enhancing clinical and operational efficiency with sustainable results.

A co-create methodology to inspire collaboration and innovation

StrategicDesign co-create methodology

The Philips co-create methodology is an iterative, people-centric, and multi-disciplinary approach to creative innovation and problem solving. Based on a mindset of collaboration, it extracts thoughts, intentions, and creative ideas via a facilitated workshop.

Active participation is garnered from physicians, patients, healthcare management, and other stakeholders. Co-creation is ideal for addressing complex, multi-stakeholder challenges in healthcare.

  • Discover: Explore insights and try-out ideas at an early stage
  • Frame: Define the opportunity and an improved future-state
  • Ideate: Use creative thinking to identify solutions, select the most relevant, and create a shared understanding
  • Build: Simulate situations, experiences, and behaviors to test hypotheses
StrategicDesign hospital reception
StrategicDesign nurse station

Meet our team

Giang Vu

Giang Vu

Principal, Strategic Design

Giang is skilled in leading and applying research-driven design, concept development, user experience innovation, schematic optimization, interior detailing, and strategic innovation for healthcare products, services, and environments.

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