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Redefine performance with the latest innovation release on the Philips EPIQ Elite

    Zane Sherif video
    EPIQ Elite universal platform

    Ultimate ultrasound solutions

    Access advanced tools and capabilities across patient populations. Our ultrasound ultimate solutions are tailored for specific areas of the body, helping clinicians make decisions efficiently.

    Ultrasound portfolio

    With the new innovation releases on the Philips EPIQ elite, you can: 

    • Access comprehensive solutions across key applications
    • Support detection and diagnosis while increasing throughput
    • Harness advanced technologies with clinically tailored tools

    Hear how your peers are embracing the redefined performance of the EPIQ Elite in different applications:

    Customer Testimonial: Mermaid Beach Radiology

    Zane Sherif video

    Learn how Dr Zane Sherif, Radiologist and Founder of Mermaid Beach Radiology, uses ultrasound to streamline workflows and provide actionable insights that increase both clinical confidence and efficiency.

    Case 1: MSK Rheumatism microvascular flow

    MSK Rheumatism microvascular flow

    Case 2: Ureteral endometrioma

    Ureteral endometrioma

    Case 3: MSK carpal tunnel elastography

    MSK carpal tunnel elastography

    Learn more about the latest innovation release on the Philips EPIQ Elite

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    Confident imaging

    • Usability, design, workflow, automation, AI.
    • Connect technology, patients, and clinicians to elevate your healthcare experience.

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    Advanced insights​

    • Image quality (resolution, penetration), transducers, colour Doppler.
    • Support a more confident diagnosis.

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    Intuitive experience

    • Advanced applications, CEUS, strain or shear wave elastography, LFQ, Fusion & Navigation, 3D/4D.
    • Support a more confident diagnosis.

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    Trusted​ partner

    • Added Philips value, education, service, sustainability, Collaboration Live, and finance.
    • Reliability, scalability, and a shared architecture for greater lifetime value.

    Technologies and innovations

    Confident imaging

    Have access to a range of features that can help you surpasses conventional ultrasound performance to reach new levels of definition and clarity.

    • HD Max display MaxVue
    • Microflow Imaging HD
    • xRes Pro

    • PureWave transducers
    • nSight Plus Imaging
    • Flow Viewer

    Our next-generation platform

    GPU accelerated visualisation

    GPU accelerated visualisation

    The power of nSight Plus Imaging combined with GPU processing delivers a 40% boost in data throughput.*

    Exceptional performance

    Exceptional performance

    Fast beam processor response time and higher data rates help achieve our highest frame rates.*

    Future-ready icon


    Enhanced hardware specification means your system is ready for the next generation of imaging transducers, algorithms, and quantification when they arrive.*

    *Compared to our previous generations without nSIGHT Plus

    Ease in imaging the technically difficult patient
    Philips EPIQ ultrasound system with PureWave technology

    Conventional imaging

    Conventional (x800)

    PreWave image

    PureWave (x800)

    • Outstanding image quality even in technically difficult patients (TDP)1
    • PureWave crystals have virtually perfect uniformity for greater bandwidth and twice the efficiency of conventional ceramic materials. The result is excellent detail resolution, superb Doppler sensitivity and exceptional shear wave elastography performance

    Flow Viewer

    Flow Viewer has the benefit of clearly defining adult, paediatric and foetal vasculature, along with foetal heart,  with its  "3D like appearance".  The 3D appearance has its advantages in clarity and boundary definition over traditional colour flow for vessel and foetal cardiac identification

    • 3D-like visualisation across all modes
    • Enhanced ability to resolve adjacent vessels
    • Better colour containment within the vessel lumen
    • Four user-selected levels
    • Available in real-time and post-processing


    Case study:
    Flow Viewer enhances colour flow Doppler and aids in the diagnosis of a foetal renal abnormality

    Use anywhere. Trust everywhere.

    Ergonomic and lightweight, our broad range of transducers is available in multiple configurations, enabling better penetration with less artifacts. Learn more about our full range of transducers below, and detailed instructions on care and maintenance.

    Philips mL26-8 transducer

    mL26-8 transducer

    • Highest frequency imaging transducer in our portfolio from 26-8 MHz
    • Superb superficial imaging with excellent detail resolution
    • Improved ergonomic design with squared-off handle designed for better grip and stability when scanning
    • Smallest footprint in Philips portfolio, allowing excellent access to tight spaces and small anatomy
    • Improvements to colour flow technology with MFI, MFI HD and Flow Viewer for a more 3-dimensional view of vessels
    • Improvements in harmonic imaging and xRes Pro enhance border delineation
    • Needle visualisation (HS feature) and TAC
    • The mL26-8 transducer along with the eL18-4 completes a two-transducer solution for small parts and MSK imaging

    Philips eL18-4 transducer

    eL18-4 transducer

    The eL18-4 PureWave linear array transducer introduces the ultimate ultrasound solution for small parts imaging and brings exceptional imaging performance across a broad range of applications plus tailored clinical support capabilities.

    • Ultra-broadband PureWave crystal
    • Multi-row fine elevation focusing
    • Fine pitch 1920 active elements
    • 50 mm array aperture
    • Optional integrated EM tracking
    • Supports full-solution elastography
    • MicroFlow Imaging
    • CEUS
    • Precision biopsy
    • AI Breast

    Philips mL26-8 transducer

    V9-2 transducer
    Uniquely designed for OB imaging

    • First PureWave mechanical volume transducer
    • Ergonomic and lightweight
    • Exceptional foetal imaging across a wide variety of patient types
    • Advanced 3D/4D imaging support including TrueVue, MPR touch and FlexVue
    • Exceptional foetal visualisation

    Advanced insights

    See how advanced insights tools can provide clinicians with sophisticated, yet easy-to-use processing tools, and help you quickly and more confidently identify anatomy and anomalies, assess disease states, determine treatment, and guide interventions.

    • Universal platform
    • LFQ Tools
    • Elastography
    • Contrast-enhanced ultrasound

    • xMATRIX transducers
    • Fusion and Navigation
    • Anatomically Intelligent Ultrasound

    Anatomically Intelligent ultrasound (AIUS)

    Clinical information icon

    Exceptional levels of clinical information

    • Reproducible, easy-to-perform exams
    • Advanced organ modelling
    • Image slicing
    • Proven quantification

    Medical Icon

    Range of capabilities

    • Automate repetitive steps
    • Full computer-driven analysis of raw data with minimal user interaction

    Advanced quantification icon

    Advanced quantification

    • Advanced screening documentation
    • Assisted measurements
    • Organ and structure detection for automatic registration and advanced quantification

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    Intuitive experience

    Work productively and reduce workload pressure with user-driven design that helps simplify complex, time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on what's most important to you. See below the key features included in this new release.

    • Intuitive design
    • Walk-up visibility
    • Next Gen AutoSCAN

    • Auto Doppler
    • SmartExam
    • MaxVue

    Ureteral endometrioma

    Hear from Bianca Renshaw, sonographer at Mermaid Beach Radiology, on how the Philips EPIQ Elite provides confidence and time-savings with our automation tools.

    Time-saving automation tools

    Next Gen AutoSCAN

    • Reduces button pushes by 54%* with pixel-by-pixel real-time optimisation and reduces the need for user adjustment while also enhancing transducer plunkability.
    • Improved satisfaction for Image Quality and Image Uniformity.

    *When comparing VM10 performance to VM7

    Without Next Gen AutoSCAN 

    Without Next Gen AutoSCAN

    With Next Gen AutoSCAN

    With Next Gen AutoSCAN
    Auto Doppler

    Auto Doppler

    Automatically adjusts for optimal flow sensitivity and resolution, reducing 10 steps to 3 steps and reducing the number of repetitive button pushes by an average of 68%.*

    *Philips Auto Doppler Clinical Study, Dec. 2011.


    System-guided protocols facilitate exams with an onscreen menu guiding you through required views and modes while automatically entering annotations and prompting for measurements.

    These protocols help you build a report quickly, alert you to missed views, and help reduce overall keystrokes and exam time.

    Lifetime value

    Manage your ultrasound assets strategically by partnering with Philips on support programmes that are tailored to your specific clinical, operational, business and sustainability goals and needs.

    • A world leader in sustainability*
    • Defence-in-depth security
    • Collaboration Live
    • Xtend coverage
    • Comprehensive clinical education

    • Technology Maximizer
    • Flexible financing
    • Award-winning service**

    * Philips again achieved a #2 ranking in the leading sustainability benchmark in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices and achieved second place in 2020 on the Wall Street Journal’s “100 Most Sustainably Managed Companies in the World” list.
    ** Philips is rated number one in overall service performance for ultrasound for 28 consecutive years in the annual IMV ServiceTrak survey in the USA.


    Xtend coverage

    Technology Maximizer

    Flexible Financing

    Comprehensive clinical education

    Lets you choose additional service coverage for your ultrasound equipment at the time of purchase to help calculate your total cost of ownership.

    Helps keep your system at peak performance by continuously providing the latest software from Philips at a fraction of the cost of the same upgrades purchased individually over time.

    Continues to provide quality care to a growing patient population with innovative financing solutions.

    Improves operational efficiency and enhances patient care with clinically relevant courses, programmes and learning paths.

    Collaboration live

    Collaboration Live
    Extend your team without expanding it

    Quickly and securely talk, text, screen share and video stream directly from an ultrasound system to a PC or mobile device, giving up to six care team members the ability to collaborate.

    Sustainability performance

    World leader in sustainability

    One of the world’s leading companies in sustainability performance, driving improvement in system energy consumption, substances used in manufacturing, recyclable packaging and life cycle circularity*

    * Philips again achieved a #2 ranking in the lading sustainability benchmark in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices and achieved second place in 2020 on Wall Street Journal’s 100 Most Sustainably Managed Companies in the World

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    Let Philips help you leverage the full potential of ultrasound over a wide range of clinical care areas with a comprehensive portfolio of performance-driven products, services and knowledge.

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    General imaging

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    [1] Compared to the predecessor transducer L15-7io for all depths greater than 1.6 cm.

    [2] When comparing release 10 performance to release 7 performance

    [3] Compared to the Philips legacy MVI

    [4] As seen in a study done on the Clinical effectiveness of PureWave technology in imaging obese patients

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