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Oct 10, 2018

Philips adds two new solutions to Ingenia digital MR portfolio in Australia, speeding the path to diagnosis and elevating the patient experience

  • Ingenia Elition provides a breakthrough in speed, improved patient experience and clinical confidence
  • Ingenia Ambition combines fully sealed BlueSeal magnet technology and workflow innovations for a step-change in productivity

Sydney, Australia Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG; AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today announced the official launch of the Ingenia Elition, a new 3.0T MRI solution, and the Ingenia Ambition, a new 1.5T MR, in Australia and New Zealand. These innovations are the latest advancements in the Ingenia digital MR portfolio, which comprises of fully-digital MRI systems, healthcare informatics and a range of maintenance and life cycle services for integrated solutions that empower a faster, smarter, and simpler path to a confident diagnosis and improved outcomes.

The Ingenia Elition and Ingenia Ambition solutions provide leading-edge MRI capabilities with integrated systems, helping to elevate the patient experience and helping to improve clinical confidence and overall productivity.

“Radiology departments are often challenged by the notion of value-based care initiatives to drive better patient outcomes. Philips is responding to these challenges through the continuous advancement of our Ingenia MRI portfolio to improve the patient and staff experience, as well as operational efficiency. These initiatives are just one way we are working to transform radiology challenges into opportunities without compromise,” said Matt Moran, Managing Director at Philips Australia New Zealand.

Ingenia Elition

Integrating the latest innovations in systems, software and services, the Philips Ingenia Elition MR solution offers excellent image quality and reduces the time taken to conduct patient exams by up to 50%1. Leveraging AI-driven SmartExam analytics, Ingenia Elition enables automatic planning, scanning and processing of exams, helping to support a faster, smarter and simpler path to confident diagnosis and improved patient experience.

Ingenia Ambition

The Philips Ingenia Ambition provides leading-edge MRI capabilities while helping to increase overall productivity. Built around the breakthrough BlueSeal magnet, the Ingenia Ambition is the industry’s first MR system to enable helium-free operations1, reducing the chance of potentially lengthy and costly disruptions, and virtually eliminating dependency on a commodity with an unpredictable supply. The fully-sealed system does not require a vent pipe and is around 900kg lighter than its predecessor, significantly reducing the siting challenges presented by conventional magnets and lowering construction costs.

Philips MR solutions are breaking diagnostic boundaries, leading in speed, comfort and confidence, and transforming radiology departments. Built around the unique, fully sealed BlueSeal magnet, the Ingenia Ambition is designed to transition to productive MR operations.

Intelligent and patient-friendly MR platform

The Ingenia Elition delivers patient-centric imaging from patient set-up to the final image. By uniting Philips’ unique dStream digital broadband technology with Compressed SENSE3 and 3D APT across its new digital MR portfolio, radiologists have the tools necessary to help solve challenging clinical situations, improve the patient experience and set new directions for clinical research. Philips Compressed SENSE is an advanced acceleration application that reduces exam times by up to 50%4.

“BlueSeal is breakthrough MRI technology and we’re proud to be the first to bring this to our customers. The fully-sealed magnet greatly reduces the amount of liquid helium needed to cool the magnet, to less than half a percent of the current norm5. This results in significant operational benefits for our customers, especially for those in more remote areas. These benefits include smaller, lighter and more flexible installation footprint and a more efficient return to normal operations should an interruption in service ever occur,” Matt Moran added.

Unique latest patient-centric technology

Ingenia Elition’s VitalScreen offers operators fully guided patient setup with a newly designed user interface for workflow optimisation, and VitalEye enables unique patient sensing and breathing approach. VitalEye technology and algorithms intelligently extract signs of breathing – allowing routine exam set-up time to occur in less than a minute6. The Ingenia Ambition combines guided patient setup and AI-driven SmartExam analytics for automatic planning, scanning and processing7, freeing up time to enable a single operator to manage the full scan from the patient’s side. Together, these innovations help to standardise and speed up workflow, allowing clinicians to focus on the patient.

Find out more about how Philips’ MR innovations are improving speed, comfort and confidence here.


[1] Using Compressed SENSE technology and compared to Philips exams without Compressed SENSE

[2] The Ingenia Ambition 1.5T contains less than 0.5% of the helium of a conventional system and this is permanently sealed inside the device

[3] Using Compressed SENSE technology and compared to Philips exams without Compressed SENSE

[4] Compared to the Ingenia 1.5T ZBO magnet

[5] Compared to the Ingenia 1.5T ZBO magnet

[6] Based on in house testing

[7] SmartExam is not available to patients with MR Conditional Implants

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The Philips Ingenia Ambition X combines breakthrough magnet technology and workflow innovations for step-change in productivity

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