IntelliSpace Breast Imaging Workstation

IntelliSpace Breast

Breast Imaging Workstation

IntelliSpace Breast simplifies your workflow by allowing you to view patients’ mammography, ultrasound, and MR* images at a single workspace.

Integrated information management || Integrated image and informati

Streamlined information management for efficient review

Philips IntelliSpace Breast offers review and analysis for mammography, breast ultrasound, and breast MR* from multiple vendors. You can open current and prior breast images in one workspace, and view priors from most vendors. You can also gather patient data at one place, for a complete and efficient review.
Automatic alignment || Efficient workflow

Automatic alignment saves time

As a radiologist, you routinely align and compare left and right breast images to check for differences in appearance. IntelliSpace Breast help you save time by being able to do this automatically and in a quick, repetitive fashion.
Advanced tools || Integrated image and informati

Advanced tools support informed diagnoses

The graphical patient timeline gives you access to a patient’s case history and makes follow-up comparisons easy. State-of-the-art image manipulation tools further aid you in making diagnoses. IntelliSpace Breast supports tomosynthesis viewing as well as Breast Density display.
Customizable workflow || Efficient workflow

Customizable workflow for fast, personalized reviewing

The high performance IntelliSpace Breast workstation is designed to meet the growing demand of screening and diagnostic review. Its customizable workflow and hangings are great for busy radiologists. Ongoing review of large numbers of mammograms requires the utmost efficiency. Every radiologist develops a set of personal preferences to handle the workload. Now Philips technology can help you manage that process intuitively.
IT integration || Integrated image and informati

IT integration helps boost throughput

This review workstation complements Philips digital breast imaging portfolio by seamlessly integrating with MicroDose, MammoDiagnost DR or CR systems. It also extends your digital environment with connectivity to virtually any PACS, displays most vendor's CR or DR mammograms, and displays CAD Marks. When procedural volumes are high, IntelliSpace Breast helps meet the demand.
Smart workflow features || Efficient workflow

Smart workflow features increase review throughput

IntelliSpace Breast increases your review throughput thanks to smart workflow features. Keypad features allow you to move easily through numerous readings. Switch between patient exams in less than a second, "walk" through hangings with a single keystroke, and apply necessary functions using "toggle" linking.
  • *Supports preliminary review of MR images.