Respironics Respiratory profile monitor

Respironics NM3

Respiratory profile monitor

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The Respironics NM3 monitors physiologic gas exchange, deadspace, and alveolar tidal volume, and a host of accessory parameters. This valuable insight helps you answer the toughest clinical questions, throughout the continuum of care.

Advanced monitoring

Advanced monitoring to improve ventilation

The Respironics NM3 non-invasively monitors volumetric (VCO2) and end-tidal (EtCO2) capnography. Clinicians can use this information to minimize the duration of mechanical ventilation and optimize the potential for successful extubation when managing critically ill patients.
Mainstream and sidestream CO2 monitoring

Mainstream and sidestream CO2 monitoring for all patients

This system provides mainstream or sidestream CO2 monitoring for intubated and non-intubated patients.
Interface with V200

Interface with V200 enriches data collection

This system has a direct interface with the V200 ventilator to expand data collection and display.
VentAssist option

VentAssist option provides real-time guidance and advice

VentAssist supports lung protective strategies for adult patients by providing an intuitive representation of patient status and advice on ventilation settings. Clinicians receive guidance based on six key parameters. They have the peace of mind that their patients are appropriately supported and a sense of control that an open loop system will not change settings.
Portable and adaptable

Portable and adaptable monitoring

The portable and adaptable monitoring, on and off conventional ventilators.
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Patient types
Patient types
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
Philips VueLink
  • open interface
  • Yes
Spacelabs Flexport
  • open interface
  • Yes
V200 interface
  • Yes
  • Yes
Printer capability
  • PCL3 and PCL5
Analog output port
  • Yes
Mainstream CO2
  • Capnostat 5 sensor
Sidestream CO2
  • LoFlo sensor (option)
Cardiac output
  • NICO Sensor (option)
Pulse oximetry
  • Masimo sensors
  • ETCO2, SpO2, RR, no respiration, VCO2, pulse rate, cardiac output
Audio (adjustable volume)
  • 2 min, silence, or OFF
  • Screen indicator and alert bar with alarm priority
Nurse call
  • Normally opened and normally closed
Internal battery
Internal battery
  • 45 minute(s)
Recharge time
  • 12 hour(s)
  • Lead acid gel cell
Parameters measured
Parameters measured
CO2 elimination
  • VC02
End tidal carbon dioxide
  • ETCO2
Inspired carbon dioxide
  • Insp CO2
Mixed expired CO2
  • PeCO2
Respiration rate
  • RR
Oxygen saturation
  • SpO2
Pulse rate
  • [heart symbol]
Positive end expiratory pressure
  • PEEP
mean airway pressure
  • MAP
Peak inspiratory pressure
  • PIP
Peak expiratory pressure
  • PEP
Peak inspiratory flow
  • PIF
Peak expiratory flow
  • PEF
Systematic vascular resistance
  • SVR
Minute volume
  • MV
Airway deadspace
  • Vd Aw
Deadspace to tidal volume ratio
  • Vd/Vt
Rapid shallow breathing index
  • I RSB
Alveolar minute volume
  • Mvalv
Inspired tidal volume
  • Vti
Expired tidal volume
  • Vte
Dynamic compliance
  • Cdyn
Airway resistance
  • Raw
Cardiac output (option)
Cardiac output (option)
Stroke volume index
  • SVI
Cardiac output
  • C.O.
Cardiac index
  • CI
Stroke volume
  • SVR
Pulmonary capillary blood flow
  • PCBF