MRCAT Brain MR-RT clinical application


MR-RT clinical application


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MRCAT Brain clinical application allows the use of MRI as the primary<br>imaging modality for radiotherapy planning of primary and metastatic tumors in the brain without the need for CT.<br><br>Detailed anatomical information for contouring and attenuation maps for dose calculations are both obtained from a single, submillimeter resolution 3D T1W mDIXON MR sequence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used for fast computation of continuous Hounsfield units directly on the MR console.

  • *Accurate means: MRCAT image acquisition provides < ± 1 mm geometric accuracy of image data in < 20 cm Diameter Spherical Volume (DSV) and < ± 2 mm geometric accuracy of image data in < 40 cm Diameter Spherical Volume (DSV)*. *Limited to 32 cm in z-direction in more than 95% of the points within the volume
  • **The mean dose in the PTV based on CT based plans does not differ more than 1% when simulated on MRCAT images as compared to when simulated on CT images for 95% of the patient cases
  • ***Accurate means: MRCAT-based DRRs are within 1 mm accuracy compared to CT-based DRRs for 95% of cases
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