Travel briefcase

The all-in-one travel solution

With our ingenious travel briefcase, your PAP system, humidifier, laptop, and other small items all fit together in one easy-to-carry package.


Two zip-together bags. One convenient package. Our carry-on case lets you snugly pack your therapy system and accessories into customisable compartments on one side, and your laptop and its accessories on the other. There’s even room for books, magazines, and other small travel items. And the laptop bag easily detaches to simplify your trip through security.


  • Protective, customisable compartments
  • Zip top for easier security screening
  • Fits within the FAA maximum carry-on size
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Easily attaches to roller suitcases


Dream Family: The evolution of CPAP therapy

With its patient-driven design, ingenious innovations, and user-friendly technology that helps put you in control, the Dream family delivers comfort and ease in treating your sleep apnea.


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