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Feb 04, 2022

Ending 2021 with a record number of design awards

In a record-breaking year, Philips won a total of 182 international design awards throughout 2021. From competitions across the globe, including China, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia, Singapore and the USA, Philips displayed its strength in applying human insights and cutting-edge technologies to create healthcare products and services that truly improve lives.


Winning awards from prestigious international design competitions reflects the creativity and craftmanship of the design community at Philips. As new digital technologies enable healthcare propositions that are more personal, dynamic, and connected, our experience-based thinking ensures solutions that truly resonate with people’s needs. Our strong portfolio of innovations for personal and professional care continues to support our ambition of improving the lives of 3 billion people by 2030.

By showing commitment, putting the customer first, and designing with purpose, our teams created and delivered products that improve the lives of millions of people," 

Sean Carney

Chief Design Officer

A spotlight on two winning human-centered designs


Providing an optimal healing environment for ICU patients – Philip’s Critical Care Experience Suite


The Critical Care Experience Suite introduces the human experience into critical care, using the environment as an instrument to support healing and recovery. The dynamic intensive care atmosphere that the Critical Care Experience Suite delivers responds to both patient’s emotional and cognitive needs, as much as their physical needs. While ICUs are designed to stabilize the critically ill, the experience for patient’s is often overwhelming (in terms of sensory stimuli) and can take a toll on their mental and emotional recovery. The Philip’s Critical Care Experience Suite shapes better patient experiences through ‘dosing’ the right stimulus per stage of the patient’s recovery, while providing a smart environment that can be configured to various needs. Sometimes leading to delirium and long-term irreversible effects on the patient’s body and mind, conventional ICUs operate with a 24/7 energy intensive mode, whereas the Critical Care Experience Suite may make it possible to adjust intensity based on the patient’s stage of recovery. The flexibility offered by this design will result in less energy-intensive care delivery, with a faster and more effective recovery process. The Critical Care Experience Suite keeps the patient at the center of design and integrates a smart ecosystem of solutions. 

When you carefully listen to the minds and emotions of critically ill patients and care givers, a whole new world of values and priorities emerges. Designers, then, need to convert this complex environment and refresh its expression into a symbol of nurturing. This results in a solution ecosystem that can restore confidence and radiate familiarity. Designing artefacts of experience in healthcare can bring profound meaning into a designer’s life!”- 

Sachin Behere

Design Director

Dynamic intensive care environment

Providing virtual remote access and workflow capabilities in a secure environment – Philip’s Radiology Operations Command Centre (ROCC)


As radiology imaging networks continue to expand their services, they continue to experience technology and skill limitations. The Radiology Operations Command Center (ROCC) is a visualized imaging solution designed to bring imaging teams closer together while keeping them right where they are. The multimodality (MR and CT), vendor-neutral digital hub connects imaging experts at a central command center with technologists and onsite staff in locations across an entire enterprise for real-time, over-the-shoulder collaboration and support.


Powered by Philips’ proprietary, patented operational performance management technology, ROCC enables remote access to scanners across an imaging network. Its remote scanner connections are compatible with older imaging platforms, allowing customers to operationalize a ‘Hub and Spoke’ model for imaging within their current install base. ROCC enables multiple use cases such as virtual imaging assistance, virtual on-demand cross-training, and remote adjustment of imaging protocols for greater standardization. ROCC isn’t just an application, it’s a new way of working so that we are co-creating together with our customers to solve problems.

Multimodality digital hub

Other winning health system designs include: 


  • Philips HeartStart Intrepid Monitor - Defibrillator with Emergency Care Informatics Suite
  • Philips IntelliVue X3
  • Philips IntraSight
  • Cardiovascular Care Orchestrator
  • Distributed Radiology
  • Patient Dashboard Module
  • dStream Flip Top Head Coil
  • Philips SmartWorkflow - Guided exam setup
  • Ultrasound 5500-5300



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