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Philips Circular Edition systems

Rethink new

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    Circular Edition systems undergo a rigorous refurbishment and/or remanufacturing process to ensure same-as-new quality and performance, but at a price that is 25% lower than a new Philips system, on average. A future-proof and cost-effective solution, giving you the Philips experience and offering a great return on investment.

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    More value for money

    Circular systems offer you high quality and performance at an affordable price. You get more clinical capabilities at similar budgets to economy systems and access to same-as-new upgrades. On average you save 25% compared to the same new Philips system. With increasing pressure on healthcare spending, it is a cost-effective solution that offers a better return on investment.

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    Same-as-new quality, support and warranty

    Our state-of-the-art circular innovations ensure same-as-new quality and performance. Each system undergoes a rigorous and high-standard refurbishment and/or remanufacturing process, where obsolete or defective parts are replaced with original Philips components. The systems are custom configured to meet your facility’s needs and come with the latest available software. We support this with the same warranty, service and training as new Philips systems.

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    A sustainable solution

    With the growing demand for healthcare and increasing pressure on our environmental ecosystems, circular systems are a sustainable solution that empowers a circular economy. Our 25 years of experience in applying circular innovations results in reusing 80% average weight1 of pre-owned systems. It helps to reduce the use of virgin materials, lower your carbon footprint and reach your sustainability goals, while you help build resilient local healthcare systems with high-quality equipment at affordable prices.

    A comprehensive portfolio to meet your needs

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    Circular Edition systems
    - Mobile C-arm systems

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    Circular Edition systems
    - Ultrasound

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    Circular Edition systems
    - Magnetic resonance

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    Circular Edition systems
    - Image-guided therapy

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    Circular Edition systems
    - Computed Tomography

    Philips circular processes

    Only Philips systems that meet our requirements are selected to undergo refurbishment and remanufacturing. Applying our state-of-the-art circular innovations2 ensures same-as-new quality and performance. Even the experts can’t distinguish the equipment from new.

    Philips circular processes in seven steps: Image-guided therapy

    Circular processes in seven steps
    Value for money

    Driving the transition to a circular economy

    As a global health tech leader, Philips is committed to do what it takes to drive environmental impact and transition to a circular economy. In healthcare, a circular way of doing business can contribute to long-term economic growth, coupled with care for our planet and society. We are adapting circular business models and innovations that let you benefit from and contribute to a circular economy at the same time.

    Philips Trade-In

    Are you interested in trading in your current system? As part of our circular ambition, we aim to offer an attractive trade-in value and hassle-free returns on all professional medical equipment, and to take care of responsible repurposing.

    1. Based on the average weight re-use percentage per system for Philips circular CT, MRI, Image-guided therapy & Mobile C-arm systems in 2020 and Ultrasound systems in 2021.

    2. Philips uses a combination of refurbishment and remanufacturing best practices to achieve circularity.

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