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Helium-free MRI

Welcome to the era of helium-free MRI operations

We empower your transition to helium-free MR operations, relieving you from helium-related complications and operational cost. Our industry's first and only helium-free 1.5T MR portfolio increases access to care for more people in more places while providing clinical excellence for your department.

    We address the helium scarcity via BlueSeal technology

    Helium prices have increased in the recent years due to its scarcity1. Dr. Atul Gupta explains why we made helium-free MR operations the new reality in MR since 2018.

    We address the helium scarcity via BlueSeal technology

    Helium prices have increased
    in the recent years due to its
    scarcity1. Dr. Atul Gupta explains
    why we made helium-free
    MR operations the new reality in
    MR since 2018.

    Demonstrated result of helium-free 1.5T MRI operations


    BlueSeal MRI systems installed worldwide

    ~1.9 m

    liters of liquid helium saved2

    0.5 %


    of today’s standard helium amount is used for efficient MR operations3

    900 kg


    lighter than conventional magnet3

    Benefits of BlueSeal Technology

    Sealed mr technology video one


    consumption of helium

    Philips BlueSeal magnet uses a highly efficient micro-cooling technology that requires only a negligible amount of liquid helium for cooling. This tiny amount of liquid helium is sealed in the magnet. No liquid helium can escape during the magnet’s lifetime4. This reduces potential long interruptions to MR services due to helium-related issues and eliminates helium refill costs.

    Sealed mr technology video two


    risk and avoid downtime

    Via an AI-based functionality called EasySwitch, BlueSeal MRI gives you the power to discharge and re-energize the magnet behind your MR console without a helium loss. This means small incidents can be resolved in just a few hours without causing significant operational disruptions and massive revenue loss.

    Improve video


    image quality & speed

    The BlueSeal MRI delivers excellent clinical performance with a leading B0-stability over time.


    The synergy between the BlueSeal MRI and the AI-driven SmartSpeed application can push the limits of image quality even further. This combination delivers all you need from an MR system.

    Hospital gif


    new siting options

    On a conventional magnet with large amounts of liquid helium, long vent pipes must be installed to meet safety requirements and to direct helium to an outside vent in case of a magnet quench.


    Philips BlueSeal magnet does not need a vent pipe and it is 900kg lighter3. This unlocks new MR installation opportunities in different facilities such as commercial or mixed-use buildings, elevated floors, densely populated urban hospitals and indoor sites with construction limitations. BlueSeal magnet is also the logical choice for remote areas, islands and places where it is difficult to supply helium.

    Car goes in the forest

    The world's first helium-free MRI
    mobile solution

    We are taking BlueSeal 1.5T systems on the road with the introduction of our BlueSeal Mobile 1.5T5 systems portfolio. Delivering patient-centric MRI services where and when needed in a more sustainable way with helium-free operations.

    BlueSeal 1.5T MRI portfolio

    BlueSeal 1.5T MRI portfolio

    Hear from your peers

    Design award

    2023 MedTech Breakthrough award


    Philips BlueSeal helium-free MR operations magnet has won the 2023 ‘Best New Technology Solution for Radiology’ award in the 7th annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards program.

    Frequently asked questions

    If no vent pipe is needed, how do you provide pressure control?

    In case of spontaneous loss of field, the temperature of the superconducting coils increases and the pressure in the cooling system increases to a medium pressure that is fully contained. This pressure is four times lower than the pressure that was used when filled during manufacturing (at room temperature). The magnet is fully designed to accommodate this and meets the ASME and PED standards related to pressurized vessels.

    Beyond siting and construction, how can Philips BlueSeal help facilitate on-site safety procedures?

    IEC International standard 60601-2-33 describes the particular requirements for the safety of magnetic resonance equipment for medical diagnosis. Since the BlueSeal magnet has a fractional amount of helium contained in a closed cooling system, no helium can escape during a loss of field. As a result, the following IEC requirements do not apply, which helps to simply on-site safety procedures:

    • NO provisions for supply of liquid cryogen. e.g procedures to be performed after gas release or precautions against lack of oxygen.
    • NO safety provisions in the event of a quench. e.g emergency plan in the event of a quench

    How are the clinical properties affected with this new technology based on a fractional amount of Helium?

    The resulting magnet performance is amongst the best in the industry, with excellent homogeneity (≤ 0.9 ppm, at 45 cm DSV), high gradients linearity (amplitude 45 mT/m, slew rate 200 T/m/s) and a superb field-of-view of 55 cm.

    In case of patient emergency, how long does it take to ramp the magnet down? How different is it from a controlled ramp-down?

    In case of a patient emergency, the system will ramp-down immediately after pushing the Emergency Ramp Down Unit button (ERDU). It will take < 3 days to be back in operation. In case an object is stuck in the bore (injector, cleaning tool, etc.), it will take about 1 hour to de-energize the magnet from the service environment on the operator console and <24 hours to be back in operation6. In both cases, all helium moves to gas state and remains contained in the fully sealed cooling system.

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    *Helium-free operations. 7 liters of helium is permanently enclosed in the cryogenic circuit.

    1 January 2022 onwards

    2 The amount of liquid helium saved is a calculation compared to a classic magnet with 1500 liters of helium

    3 Compared to the Ingenia 1.5T zero boil-off magnet

    4 Even in the rare case of magnet becoming unsealed, the negligible amount of helium escaping would not materially affect the oxygen level within the room

    5 BlueSeal Mobile is not yet CE market and not yet available for sale outside of the USA

    6 Based on internal testing. Including ramp-up, shim check and calibration

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